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Our Purpose

Top Cats was established in response to a need from parents within the West Melton community for quality before and after school care. 


Like our preschool, we strive to provide a stimulating programme which caters for children’s different ages, genders and cultural backgrounds, whilst encompassing individual needs and interests.

Before School Care

We are open from 7:30 am

Our aim is to ensure your child gets a good start to their day so they have the best chance of reaching their full potential.


Although we do not provide breakfast the children are welcome to bring their breakfast with them as we know what a rush it can be getting out the door that early in the morning!


The children have free choice of all our games and activities and the kaiako play alongside them to ensure they are happy and have a positive start to their day.


We walk the children to their classroom at 8.30am, so that they arrive safely at West Melton School before the school day is due to start.

After School Care

After School Care starts from 3pm once the school day ends. 

We begin by recording attendance and locating any late comers.

One of the first things we do is have afternoon tea, a time for children to relax and chat with each other. We ask that you please supply this but we do have a few snacks and fruit available for those that need it.


Our kaiako then explain the activity and game of the week which is optional. Weather permitting, we always have some outside time which includes various sports (soccer, ripper rugby), bubble machines, skipping, moving smart and other outside activities. 


Homework supervision is available for those children enrolled in this and this service.


Every child is regularly queried on what they like to do and play with, and we always do our best to accommodate these requests. 

All our kaiako are carefully chosen. They enjoy working with children and are skilled in creating a warm and caring environment. 

 All kaiako undergo induction training, first aid, behaviour management and health and safety awareness. All staff are safety and police checked. We will maintain a high staff ratio. We encourage you to come in and meet us anytime. 

Our Educators

Our Location

Top Cats is located at BestStart West Melton, in a fantastic purpose-built room that has been designed with school-aged children in mind.

The children spend their time in a warm, friendly and comfortable environment – a home away from home that they will be happy to come to each day.


An extensive outdoor area and a wealth of resources to keep children engrossed, provides an outstanding facility for children.

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